Acre of Land on Venus

Acre of Land on Venus


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Space land is being snapped up by the acre so dont you think its time your got in on it This great gift comes will all the deeds youll need to pinpoint where your land is located the mineral rights you your land mining should be easy With an incredibly hot surface many minerals are already liquid and some even rain out of the skyThanks to a bizarre law passed in America where else you can now actually buy land on Venus by the acre ndash and yes Venus is owned by the same people who were clever enough to claim the moon as their own And considering the combination of advancements in space exploration technology and high property prices on this planet this could be a major bargain Where else are you going to find an acre of land so cheap And as an added bonus Venus is closer than Earth to the Sun so if you do decide to make the move you can say goodbye to cold winters at lastAs the book says lsquoMen are from Mars Women are from Venus which makes this an ideal gift for a special lady in your life ndash a chunk of land on her home planet should please any girl Or alternatively you could buy it for yourself if Venus really is where women come from there must be dozens of them per acrehellipVenusian Deeds make fantastic and unique presents for family and friends of all ages Each set includes the declaration of ownership which confirms you own an acre of land on Venus and tells you whereabouts on the planet it is according to the recognised Venusian chart You also get a Venusian Map so you can see your land for yourself a copy of the Venusian Constitution Personalisation and Registration information and Mineral Rights ndash so if astronauts ever discover Venus houses gold or diamond mines youll be quids innbsp