SudoDRINKu Adult  Board Game

SudoDRINKu Adult Board Game


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Product Description

The object of SudoDRINKu is to work together as a team to achieve a SudoDRINKu win and have a few drinks along the way As with Sudoku you have to get all the numbers into a grid with no repeats in any column row or 3 x 3 grid However after each go the player gets to flip over one of the drink tiles and has to follow the actions listed which include Copy cat – copy the player last to copy the player has to drink Make a rule State a rule that governs how the game is played and make a penalty for those who dont follow it Skip and Sip The next player trun is skipped and they have to drink Assign 2 assign 2 drinks to the players of your choice Cross everyone gets to drink Arrow the arrow points to the person who has to drink How to play 1Use the number sides of the tiles to complete a Sudoku puzzle 2After each turn flip over a tile to figure out who drinks 3Whoever does not make the winning play finishes their drinks